General Rules


Students should comply with rules and regulations while in library:


  • Students should be in proper attire and observe a reasonable code of conduct within the Library. Students should wear their uniform within office hour. Slippers, tight fitting trousers or short pants should not be worn in the library. Click Here for Dress Code.


  • Students are requested to display on their dress or shirt their identification card upon entering the Library.


  • Membership cards must be produced during all Library transaction.


  • The library is a place for study and research. Good orders and quietness shall be maintained in all public-reading areas.


  • Food residues attract insects and rodents. Water and other liquids damage Library materials. To preserve the Library collections, eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited in all parts of the Library.


  • To maintain the Library collection in good condition, users are requested to treat the Library materials carefully. Books and other Library materials must not be mutilated or defaced. Full replacement cost will be charge if such damage is caused.


  • All readers leaving the Library in possession of books and papers must ensure that materials on loan have been scanned and synthesized. The exit door is equipped with electronic security system to detect violators.


  • Borrowers are held responsible for the safe custody of any materials on loan to them. They shall be required to pay the cost of replacement of any items which is lost or damaged whilst on loan to them.


  • Study places may not be reserved in the Library. Items including Library materials, left unattended on Library reading tables or carrels may be removed by the Library staff.


  • Library materials and furniture should not be misused or moved.


  • Borrowers are required to return or renew their loans when due. The due date is indicated on the due slip. Fines are imposed for late returns.


  • Bags, parcels, sweaters, hand phones and umbrellas are not allowed to be taken into the Library. They may be placed in the locker room. However, the Library bears no responsibility for any loss of personal belongings or properties on its premises.


  • Students who are use the computer library must use for information search and compilation of projects and not for personal or entertainment purpose. No email, chatting and etc allowed in computer lab.


  • All Library materials are protected by the Copyright Act. Therefore, users are fully responsible for all photocopying done.


  • The Librarian may suspend form the use of the Library and its' facilities, any person  infringing the Library Regulations.